Urgent warning to Sydney homeowners: Don’t risk your life for free power

Master Electricians Australia has issued an urgent warning to Sydney home owners that they are putting the lives of their loved ones at risk if they use illegal electricians to avoid paying for electricity. Responding to reports that police are pursuing a group of unlicensed [...]

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Deploying wireless integrated sensors for proper LED lighting: SensiLUM

Lighting in commercial facilities can be very costly. There has been an ever-growing demand to lower costs by switching from incandescent lighting (sorry Edison!) to fluorescent lighting, also known as compact fluorescent lights. Facility managers are always looking for ways to increase building efficiency and [...]

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MIT Engineers Build Smart Electrical Receptacle

A team of MIT engineers has developed a solution that they are calling a “smart power outlet,” in the form of a device that can analyse electrical current usage from a single or multiple outlets, and can distinguish between benign arcs — harmless electrical spikes [...]

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